A downloadable metagame for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Traverse seven randomly generated levels littered with hundreds of folded footnotes from Metagaming, a book by by Patrick LeMieux (alt254) and Stephanie Boluk (chouxsalad)!

Metagaming is about the games we play with videogames. It's a book that encourages readers not only to play in, on, around, and through videogames but also to play the book itself. That's why there are a half dozen tiny games embedded within its pages.

Toward the end we write “reading this text, writing in the margins, dog-earing pages, and bending the spine or annotating online, sharing across servers, printing out passages, or loading on e-readers are all ways of metagaming Metagaming.” So what if you we made a game out of the book? What if you skipped the book and just read the footnotes?

Footnotes invites players to explore a series of procedurally generated worlds filled with 278 footnotes from Metagaming (available at most places were books are sold as well as free online at manifold.umn.edu/projects/metagaming.)


"Footnotes is an exploration game that combines study and play, introducing players to nuggets of games academia . . . while wandering through colorful spaces." —Heather Alexandra, Kotaku


Updated 10/07/18 9:00AM PST to add save and continue on the first playthrough!
Updated 10/06/18 5:30PM PST to correct Xbox 360 default mappings on Win.
Updated 10/06/18 10:00AM PST to add our names to the title screen!
Updated 10/05/18 7:40PM PST with some last minute fixes :)
Thanks to regisRquoi for finding some bugs!

Install instructions

For Win download and unzip, double or right click and open, then select more info and run anyway.

For Mac download and unzip, right-click and open, then agree to open.

For Linux download and unzip, right-click to open properties then permissions then check "Allow executing file as program."

Inputs default to keyboard and Xbox 360 controller but can be edited in the launch window along with resolution and graphics settings.


Footnotes Win 62 MB
Footnotes Mac 65 MB
Footnotes Linux 65 MB
Footnotes Soundtrack 27 MB


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k thx

just make some fast playthrough (didnt read every of footnotes)

Thanks so much for playing through Footnotes Coconut! This is a really instructive video (and even shows the locations of a few secrets!) I wonder what else is hiding in the game :)

yep i just focus on that level to find those star :D its  hard to find the other star, do you agree?

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You can't fool us dragonlord201. We saw your capslocked "LOVE IT" circa 20 minutes ago.

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We care because we know some part of you enjoyed this videogame that we worked very hard to produce and we don't want you to be ashamed of that fact. Also, why did you change your name? I liked dragonlord201 because it reminded me of the boss from Dragon Quest I.

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